Growing into our place // The Studio

Feb 1 '13

Growing into our place // The Studio

Have you ever sat back, looked around and thought to yourself, "why does that guy get all the breaks?" Sad to say, we've been there. Owning your own business can be equal parts exciting and tough work.

Here's the thing you should know about us, since we opened our doors, we constructed a solid business based only on word of mouth referrals. Our growth has been slow but steady, and like the story of the rabbit and the hare, we are pleased with the time we've taken to build our business behind the scenes. Things many small businesses and designers are terrible at doing - organizing files, archiving data, maintaining bookwork, billing and building our own brand. Many of the things we've worked on clients may not see, but all together these things make our company run like a well oiled machine. We have held week long retreats wherein we've discussed only file folder structure, workflow management and time commitments. Through all these behind the scenes steps we've often wondered, "is this really going to pay off," and then, as hard work does, It paid off. Over the past year and a half we started growing a much larger client base and discovered we needed a place. A real place.

We're pleased to introduce you to our studio space. We're thrilled to have a home base and permanent place to do studio sessions. We're also excited to have a location to meet with clients and collaborate on design projects as needed.

Without further discussion, let me introduce you to our new place. Its fun, bright, centrally located in Minneapolis, MN and will be the backdrop for some awesome photo sessions. So, quick take a look at the images below and then grab your phone and book a session.

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Comments (2)
  1. cindy nelson

    February 3, 2013 at 11:58 am

    Amazing studio!!! So many neat props and backgrounds. Those windows are amazing too!!

  2. Kristi

    February 4, 2013 at 10:37 am

    Oh! My goodnesssss!!!! Coolest. Space. EVER! Love it. I think I need to check your site to get info on session fees. 🙂 So proud of Verismo!

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