Family Session // Springtime by the River

Apr 6 '12

Family Session // Springtime by the River

It sure was a beautiful spring day. It had been threatening to rain and thunderstorm all day, and after rescheduling this family 3 times, we decided to just go for it. I'm so glad we did, because the weather was beautiful, and it never did rain that day. (I'm starting to doubt what the weatherman says.) The Gauster family was so much fun to work with. I should say play with, because the girls were full of energy. Eliot could have talked my ear off about anything, and Morgan must be made of sugar, because she was full of sweet smiles. Jessie and I (Pamela) went to High School together, so we've been friends a long time. I love to photograph friends and their growing families. Not only do I get the opportunity to capture memories for them to cherish for a lifetime, but I get to have fun playing and chatting with them while we do it! This is a classic case of "monkey see - monkey do" Morgan had to copy her big sister!!  

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