Never Forget // 911

Sep 11 '13

Never Forget // 911

This post was written by Susan

Twelve years ago I was enjoying a day off. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and curled up on the sofa to enjoy the morning news. I remember sitting there when the shock of the news caused me to spill the milk from my bowl onto my new sofa.

Through the years there were many stains added to that sofa. Children came spilled and even colored while I wasn't looking. While cleaning up around the sofa I'd spot the stain and instantly recall that morning and the feeling that came knowing the United States of America was under attack.

This past summer we gave away that well loved sofa and even though there were many stains left upon its tattered covering none stood out quite as clearly to me as that stain.

The memory of that day has been stained in our minds and hearts. Although we move on with our lives and put aside our sadness, we can't forget how it felt that September morning.

Today we remember. We recall how time stopped. We remember the horror and shock and the sense of helplessness. We remember those lost - the innocent lives and the public servants who galliantly ran to assist.

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  1. Cindy nelson

    September 11, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    That was very touching. I remember you calling that morning & how we were all glued to the TV. We will never forget.

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