Dreaming Small, Growing Big

Feb 15 '12

Dreaming Small, Growing Big

When we first founded our business in 2006 we thought long and hard about what we would name our company. After much deliberation it was decided we would be called, Between Us Girls Creative – or BUGs Creative for short. The name encompassed who we were at the time – 2 sisters with a whole lot of creativity. While we're still founded by two sisters, we've come to realize that our vision has shifted and our business has grown.

We are more than two sisters with creativity. We are a thriving business that encompasses more than we first dreamed.

Quickly, it became apparent that we had simply outgrown our name. After brainstorming and goal planning meetings the new name was unveiled: Verismo Studio.

Wait a second.


ve•ris•mo [vuh-riz-moh;]

noun : the use of everyday life and actions in artistic works

It encompasses what we do, where we've come from and where we'd like to go.

Making adjustments because your dream was too small is, well, more than we imagined. These adjustments have been fun, and inspiring.

Dream big- bigger than you think is possible.

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  1. March 9, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    Personal name allows you to ctraee a personal brand. A lot of the photographers with the best brands use personal names: Jasmine Star, Jessica Claire, Becker etc. We used orange turtle because it allows both of us to be the brand and I think its pretty memorable.Tough decision though, there are a lot of arguments on both sides but most photographers end up going with their own name.

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