Free Download // February 2013 Printable Calendar

Jan 28 '13

Free Download // February 2013 Printable Calendar

It’s hard to believe just a few short weeks ago we were knee deep wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Now, as we head into February we’re getting used to the idea of writing out 2013 on our checks and journals. During this month we’re reminded of Love and marriage.

Time and time again we find that people want to know about us. It’s an odd feeling and really, we’re not spotlight people but in the spirit of fun we’re going to try to share more about the people behind Verismo Studio.

Here’s a bit of interesting Love trivia.

Susan met her husband Luke in the womb. Their mother’s attended birthing class together. They have a stack of images showing them growing through the years. They didn’t start dating until after college but have been together ever since.

Pamela refused to consider dating JD for a LONG time because she did NOT want her last name to be Anderson. They were just friends for over a year, but in the end she couldn’t resist his persistent charm, and his dashing good looks.

February 2013 Calendar

Click here to download the 2013 February Calendar

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