Free Download // August 2013 Printable Calendar

Aug 1 '13

Free Download // August 2013 Printable Calendar

We hope you have been enjoying summer with plenty of outdoor activities. As I write this, I'm sitting out on our patio enjoying a slight breeze, while reflecting on the past few months. Have I accomplished my goals set out for the past month, or even the past 6 months? Have you? August is a good time to reflect and make sure you are still on track. It's the time to prepare the kids for back to school and finish your summer projects around the house. We can happily report, while we haven't finished everything we set out to finish in July, we have many completed projects and several off to a good start.

This month focus on updating your to-do lists with smaller tasks that are part of a large project. You'll feel proud of yourself every time you cross off each one.

Keep checking back each month for more free calendars.

August 2013

Click here to download the 2013 August Calendar

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