Sep 11 '13

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Never Forget // 911

This post was written by Susan Twelve years ago I was enjoying a day off. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and curled up on the sofa to enjoy the morning news. I remember sitting there when the shock of the news caused me to spill the milk from my bowl onto my new sofa. […]

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Feb 1 '13

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Growing into our place // The Studio

Have you ever sat back, looked around and thought to yourself, “why does that guy get all the breaks?” Sad to say, we’ve been there. Owning your own business can be equal parts exciting and tough work. Here’s the thing you should know about us, since we opened our doors, we constructed a solid business […]

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Mar 28 '12

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Pamela’s Senior Photos

We thought our clients both previous, and new comers would enjoy a peek into our past –  Senior photos. When we graduated, photographers were still using film cameras.  Processing professional film was expensive, and photographers had to make sure each shot was perfect. We each had approximately 24 frames taken, and that many to choose […]

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