Feb 1 '13

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Growing into our place // The Studio

Have you ever sat back, looked around and thought to yourself, “why does that guy get all the breaks?” Sad to say, we’ve been there. Owning your own business can be equal parts exciting and tough work. Here’s the thing you should know about us, since we opened our doors, we constructed a solid business […]

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Jan 28 '13

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Free Download // February 2013 Printable Calendar

It’s hard to believe just a few short weeks ago we were knee deep wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Now, as we head into February we’re getting used to the idea of writing out 2013 on our checks and journals. During this month we’re reminded of Love and marriage. Time and time again we […]

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Jan 23 '13

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Color // Yellow

Minnesota weather has been cold the last few days and by cold I mean the temperature is frigid in the negative numbers. It makes enjoying the outside impossible. To cheer us up we decided a color study on a happy color was in order. Did you know, color has an affect on the brain? Colors […]

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Dec 31 '12

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Store // Facebook Timeline Grid Template

After a few requests from several photographers, we’ve created a fun clean Facebook Timeline grid Template to purchase. And at only $4.00, this is a steal!! After purchase you will receive a unique download link of the template in both photoshop and InDesign. Design 1 – 19 image boxes Design 2 – 76 image boxes […]

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